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Sonny Eclipse Pin

Sonny Eclipse Pin

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Hello Space Angels!  Sonny Eclipse has been the headliner at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe since 1995.  He’s a Zorkie musician from the city of Yew Nork on the planet Zork, where life is primarily lived underground to avoid the methane clouds on the surface. The entertainment capital of his planet, Sonny's Yew Nork upbringing lead him into the music business and he began touring around the galaxy.  Grab a seat and get ready to hear some classic tunes such as, Bright Little Star, Starlight Soup and Salad and our personal favorite, Hello Space Angels.

Size: 1" x .98"

Made with solid, crystal clear acrylic with vinyl backing. Each pin features a rubber clutch, allowing you to fasten your pin to your clothes, backpack, or accessories.

Each piece includes a protective film to prevent scratching.  Please remove it carefully before enjoying your new pin!

The acrylic cutting process is not always smooth.  Some pieces may have slight nicks or divots.  This is normal and is not considered a defect or cause for alarm! 

Also available as a keychain, magnet and sticker!

**Due to differences in camera and computer monitor resolution, actual colors may vary. We do our best to capture and reflect the true color of each item accurately. 

No returns or exchanges. All Sales are final.

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