Celebrate Kite Tails! What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

Celebrate Kite Tails! What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

Remembering Kite Tails: A Whimsical Celebration at Walt Disney World

In 2021, Walt Disney World embarked on a remarkable journey of celebration as it marked its 50th anniversary. Among the many surprises and enchanting experiences, one show stood out in its whimsicality and ability to capture the imaginations of guests of all ages. Kite Tails, a delightful spectacle featuring giant kites from beloved Disney classics such as The Lion King and the Jungle Book, soared above the water to create a truly magical atmosphere. Although Kite Tails met its end in late 2022, it will forever be remembered as a unique and quirky show that brought joy to countless visitors.

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Kite Tails debuted on October 1, 2021 as a part of Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary. Kite Tails was a show that perfectly embodied the spirit of adventure and wonder found within Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. The giant kites, expertly maneuvered by skilled performers, danced and twirled through the sky, creating an awe-inspiring display of color and movement. Guests were captivated as familiar characters from The Lion King and the Jungle Book came to life above them, evoking a sense of childlike excitement and nostalgia.
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The delight of imperfection really was the true show. One of the most endearing aspects of Kite Tails was the unexpected plummet the kites would take into the stands as a means of controlling their descent. These incidents added an element of spontaneity and charm, bringing laughter and applause from the audience and even earned the show a delightful catch phrase, "what goes up, must come down."

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Although Kite Tails bid its farewell in late 2022, it left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who experienced its magic. Its playful nature and whimsical performances brought joy and wonder to visitors from around the world. While it may no longer grace the skies of Animal Kingdom, the memories and photographs captured during its run serve as a testament to the joy and creativity it inspired

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As Walt Disney World continues to evolve and innovate, we can look back at Kite Tails as a reminder of the ever changing nature of Disney Parks. Just as the kites soared and eventually came down, new experiences and attractions will continue to take flight. By embracing this constant evolution, we can open ourselves up to new adventures and magical moments that await us at every turn.

baloo kite tailsKite Tails was a whimsical and enchanting show that marked a special milestone in the history of Walt Disney World. It brought together beloved Disney characters, giant kites, and moments of delightful imperfection that left an everlasting impression on all who witnessed its magic. As we bid farewell to this unique spectacle, let us remember the joy it brought and eagerly await the new experiences that will continue to shape the wonder and enchantment of Walt Disney World for years to come.

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